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685 Odds

Mike Peakman (or as he is some times known Lord Z), 

is the Creative Producer/Photographer at Rainbow Starshine Productions. 

In 2002 Mike qualified from Machester Colledge of Arts and Technology with an HNC in Multimedia Art and Design. 

Since then he has worked as a Professional Wedding photographer under the name Rainbow Starshine Productions". and along with a colleague using the name "Crystal Wedding Photography".  Mike has also worked freelance for newspapers, individuals and Private Schools.

"All my life I have had a very keen interest in Art, Music, Photography, Film and Video”. I have played in various bands and written many of their tracks. I have mixed produced and played for Strange Red Earth The Legendary 10 Seconds (Richard 3rd Concept albums) and am now working on my own music project The Prophets of Zarquon

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